Installation for Windows

Easy way - grab a binary release

  • To simply run the algorithm, the easiest way is definitely to download the windows binary from the release section as you won’t need to install python or anything else. Just unzip the archive and start the program from a command line prompt, that’s it!

  • If you want to try out a precompiled dev version from master/another branch, you can find automatic builds here. Unless you need a fancy feature which is not yet released, I would stick to the released version for simplicity as the automatic builds are subject to frequent changes.

  • If you would like to study/modify the code, you will need a python distribution and a compiler as outlined below.

Installing Visual C++ compiler for python 2.7

I suggest using python 2.7 as the installation is much easier on windows. You can install a lightweight version of Visual C++ Compiler for python 2.7.

If you would like to install python 3, you will need to install the full visual studio appropriate for your version of python as explained here. As the whole thing is at least around 20 GB, I would strongly recommend to stick with the easy python 2.7 version for now.

Installing python and dependencies

You will need to get a python distribution and some other stuff. For starters, grabbing a complete distribution such as Anaconda is the easiest way to go as it comes with all the usual scientific packages.

From an anaconda terminal, we can also install a prebuilt version of spams for windows 2.7

pip install

Installing NLSAM

For the python dependencies themselves, I recommend a fresh pip install since versions from the repositories tend to get old quite fast. You will need numpy, scipy, cython, nibabel, dipy and spams.

Get a release archive and install it directly from the downloaded file

pip install file_you_just_downloaded.tar.gz --user

and it should grab all the required dependencies if they are not already installed. If you encounter some errors (e.g. spams needs numpy and blas/lapack headers), install the missing package with pip first and continue the installation afterwards.

Now you can run the main script from your terminal, be sure to have a look at the example for more information about the usage.

nlsam_denoising --help

You may also build and install the package from a local git clone instead of installing stuff with

pip install -e .

After updating your local git copy, you can rebuild the cython files by running

python build_ext --inplace